My music collection plays live with no talk, just music 24×7.
I call it K-Dave.

Here is a link to a pop-out player for K-Dave, hosted on TuneIn:

You can also listen to K-Dave streamed live using this .pls file.  If you get an error and Windows Media Player won’t run, consider trying VLC, an open-source (free) video/audio player that works very well and handles the .pls filetype.

I truly appreciate the many loyal listeners I have, some of whom stream K-Dave for hundreds of hours (Thank YOU, guy from Germany!).  I know the mix is a little guitar-heavy, but I like guitar (I even play guitar sometimes).  More variety will be added. Things that tickle my ear have a way of ending up in the playlist.  This will even out the mix of songs as time goes on.

Here is information on a Dead Air Detector (PowerPoint) or Dead Air Detector (PDF) that I built due to intermittent problems with my audio processor software.

You’ll need a SmartThings or similar hub, a temperature sensor, some cables and an audio amplifier if you want to build one but it goes together quickly (one afternoon) and cost less than US$50 to build, not including the hub.  I build mine around the Aeotec SmartThings system since I already owned a hub.

Here is the K-Dave Station ID but you won’t hear it on the air for now since I haven’t set up a way to include it regularly with the ‘mix’:

Thanks for stopping by!